Jaw-dropping musicianship has never sounded so tuneful or groove-happy. Lead vocalist DB is an emotive singer, equal parts Stevie Wonder and Mike Patton. “Sunday Night Apology” will keep your block party going until late Monday, even though the funkified rhythm section lays it down like there’s no tomorrow. Watch out for the wah-wah!

May, 2002

Starbaby has one of the best & most refreshing approaches to new music.

Jerry Martini (Prince, Sly & the Family Stone)

“ Take What the Music Gives You”
#6 out of 80,000 songs (as of 4/27/03)
Pop Charts on garageband.com

“ Sunday Night Apology”
Worldwide Track of the Day
March 19, 2003

“Sunday Night Apology”
Unsigned Song of the Day, July 2002

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Hujo (Joe) Murphy (Drummer for STARBABY)
Spotlight Article in Sept 2002 Issue of Modern Drummer

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