This is just a line to give a truly heartfelt thanks to EACH and EVERY PERSON that helped make this such a special project from day one. We have accomplished many things and have a ton of great music, videos, shows and experiences to be extremely proud of. The music industry is a funny and trying place, but we should be proud of all of our achievements and truly appreciate them in a daily manner. We are the lucky ones.? To quote one of our favorite philosophers, the wise and powerful Ferris Bueller..."life moves pretty fast...if you dont stop and look could miss it!"? Who knows what lies in the future for all of us...but thats the fun part. Thankfully, we have all of this to continually share with you and hopefully we will see you all real soon.

STARBABY has placed the song "Get It" in the Independent film "Nice Guys". More information will be posted on this as we have it...promise!!

WE will be posting each growing STARBABY accolade as we earn them. Here is our running list...

"STARBABY shined on Stage 19 with the brilliant light of lyrical genius. A cross between pop rock and old school R&B, these four musicians created a mothership of sound from their latest album "Welcome to the Planet". STARBABY is set apart from their peers with a surreal vocal range and an unearthly quality to their music (with) songs like "Run", "Get It", "It's On". Participants (in the festival) were transported to another world as this emotive rock sonically rejuvenated them."
LIVE Show Review from the 2004 Suzuki Rock & Roll Marathon Festival

* We earned an award in the the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for our Pop/R&B song "About You For Me".

* We have been featured on the Kings of A&R Industry Website for exceptional bands on the rise.

* FAN FEEDBACK page is up and working AND ...

STARBABY ON FM RADIO - "Volcanoes" just added to the regular rotation playlist on WVOF in Fairfield CT. Most recently Starbaby was heard on the same round as Nelly Furtado, Mary J. Blige, Craig David and John Mayer. We have our sights set on many more stations like this and we will keep ya posted.

In other news, "Sunday Night Apology" hit the #1 ALL TIME rank on the Funk/Soul/R&B Charts on Garage Band and has hit the #93 spot OUT OF 88,000 songs in all genres. TWTMGY has hit the #4 spot OUT OF 1200 on the Pop Charts and #38 OUT OF 88,000 in all genres. Click on the garageband link above and then go to any one of our three songs currently on the site to check out some great reviews from people all over the world and keep on top of our climb at this great innovative site.

If you have the CD, email us and let us know what you think of the new record. If you like what you hear, PLEASE tell as many people you know about STARBABY and the new record. We will be starting a new section of the web page soon for various posted comments so let us hear from you!

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