Wassup Starbaby:

Your new CD is awesome. Your material is fresh and full of substance, love the sound. Your sound is of it's own origin, no copykat's here. Starbaby is possessed with what it takes to go all the way. I wish you all the success that you truly deserve.
Starbaby is a happening situation!!! Press on!!!

RR, Los Angeles, CA

What can I say? There just isn't a flaw! Ya never see that anymore. A tight ass band with a extremely tight rhythm section. I never got around to seeing you guys live when I was in Florida but your album is superb from top to bottom, ya bring us all on a rollercoaster of melody that in my opinion grinds along the lines of Jamiroquai to the Chilli Peppers. Keylow D gives us all a lesson on how we all need to groove! I think the music scene NEEDS YOU GUYS to refresh some of this crap ya hear on the radio nowadays. True musicianship, true talent,the whole package, you guys are goin ALL THE WAY! KEEP GROOVIN!

Wexford, Ireland

My best friend and then another friend of ours claim we see blue stars whenever we are "under the influence", way too excited about something, or just feel that energy that takes us higher for no reason. Well, when I saw your show I saw blue stars everywhere, with the help of nothing else, but the music, the place, the people, the atmosphere, and a little booze, what the hell. It was a great night in my life and I want to thank all of you for making it as amazing as you all did.

It was intense. I danced my little heart away all night. I was high just off energy, I knew I didn't need anything else. So that's my story. And it doesn't end so soon!

Until then my little starbaby's you guys keep right on rocking, dancing, singing, and playing your little hearts away to wherever the music takes you... don't stop, not for a minute, if you got it, you got it, you got it....

Oh, I want a promise you all will tour the "southeastern" part of the states for me,


Saw your show at the twilight. Especially liked the acoustical set. Have your video at home and show it to all my friends. Can't believe no one has picked you guys up yet.


You guys are awesome!! Nobody packs the punches you do, with the heavy-ass funk and soulful rock and everybody's killer chops--Starbaby is two cuts above. The show at the Twilight with the added keys and backup singers was the best live show I've seen in years. "Take what the music gives you!" Y'all loaded me up!!


Nice mod-squad guitar, at 15 seconds in the vocals grab me I think I'm listening to music that we all should hear more of, great robot voice, the band is professional, you should be going somewhere with this, Wow that Bass, I have not heard anyone even attempt to play like that in a while, you know why?..it's to difficult. I hear Sly and the family influence, EWF, George Clinton, nice breaks at 2:25, 2:35 the vocalists are ripping it up way to go, robot at 2:51 awesome. Arrangement? you guys already know it's perfect. Chorus, it's distinct and exact. Great show!

Reviewed by: woundedknee from Ansonia, ConnecticutNice
I'M FLOORED. The groove is superb! I'm loving the 70's vibe!!! My music is heavily 70's and 80's influenced too, so I'm thrilled to hear somebody else with great taste and a real pocket!! This is by far the best song I've ever heard on this site. Period. Absolutely without flaw. From the playing to the arrangement and production, this is just fierce. You mean there are still guys out there who can write and play and have taste and sensibility and make real dance tracks? You have renewed my faith in new independent music! Awesome. I have never handed out a score of 5 on this site until right now - if there was a 6, I'd give you that.

Reviewed by: kaseykelp from Northridge, California
vocals vocals vocals, now starring a hotshot the singer sets the tone right in the beginnning with the exclamatorily catchy rhythym of a pure professional. i really liked this one, unquestiojnably unforgettable as ever, this one rocked my ears till they bled ,this may sound a bit unfitting but i was trapped in the rhythm for hours and i couldnt help but turn my computer speakers all the way up, good job on the lyrics also, i wont forget this one.

Reviewed by: Scrubs from Kings Park, New York
Jamiroquai?! The vocals are great - soundz like Jamiroquai singer. The melody is funky and fresh. The chorus is very catchy. The mood is engaging. I fell like I wanna dance. Great tune. This song will be a hit.

Reviewed by: nothingbutone from Guarda, Portugal
Sink Your Teeth Into This Here's group anyone should be able to sink their teeth into. Very memorable melodies. The best in story telling lyrics in the pop rock genre. The vocals deliver the performance it takes to carry the song straight to the heart. The chorus is sure to pluck a few heart strings here. This is a song that is not only bound for commercial success - but it contains words of a real event. I'm your newest, biggest fan! I'm dying to hear more.

Reviewed by: LenJennings from Grand Prairie, Texas
This is how it's done! I Liked this alot. Everything is there. Excellent vocals. Musicianship all around is great. And, oh yeah, really good song. Production and recording is superb. Very pro. If only they were all this much of a pleasure to review.

Reviewed by: killerflamingos from Dearborn, Michigan
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